The move is coming along - it is a rather odd situation with having to pack just about everything up, yet keep enough out to live with until I leave and/or Gretchen, my new tenant/roomie unpacks.2013-10-20 06.34.01

Most of my stuff fits in cupboards in the garage and in storage bins under the benches. But it's the last minute stuff I don't know what to do with. I have small piles of things and I look at them and think, "Do I want that, what do I do with it? Should I toss it or pack it?" And I have become so used to living the three R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - that tossing stuff is hard, and yet there are things that no one is going to want on the reuse or recycle side of things. So then I feel guilty when I toss! And I am not going to store stuff that I may or may not reuse at a later date! What a dilemma! But I am making good progress. I have been pretty strict with myself but sometimes it gets difficult to get rid of things that I have some emotional attachment to. So there are a few boxes of just "stuff" and I can live with that. My wardrobe (if you can call it that) is being whittled away to a few items so another Goodwill run to drop those. Then it is the dump, the recycle place (which is now single stream so we don't have to sort things!) and final pack up with all the dvds and shipping supplies along with my other stuff in the car, which will include Betsy's smoked salmon.

Gretchen and friends brought her stuff over on Saturday afternoon - and her kitties, too.  Quiver is an old lady, black and white and diabetic! Skipper is a young, orange kitty who could be Hinckley's son! Both are in Gretchen's room at the moment but I have let them out a couple of times this morning while my boys are outside. Quiver stuck her nose out the door and went back to bed, but Skipper is getting a little braver and has explored my room and made it halfway down the stairs, before he turned tail and went back under the bed.

2013-10-20 06.34.10

I  hope that the gradual introduction will work and as my two are the older boys, I hope there won't be any territorial battles.

As soon as they are settled, I will leave. It's time. It's important that the kitties are ok and everyone is comfortable, but it is also important that Gretchen gets to really move in and make the house her own.

If I can get out of here sooner than I planned, I'm not sure yet where I will go before going to Sedgwick but the way things have been going lately, I have no doubt that it will all work out. I thought I might go through Montana and see Cody et al, but it is almost 2,000 miles and winter so not sure if it is something I can do. So will play it by ear for now.