Port Townsend and the Sun is Shining!

Sun in Port Townsend!

Cape Cleare salmon sandwich

It was gray when I landed yesterday but a brilliant sunset as we approached Port Townsend. But it poured like crazy overnight and this morning - voila! Partial sun mixed with full sun!

It really is a beautiful place when the sun is out. This is the sort of weather where visitors say, "Oh it's so beautiful! Let's move here!" Most last two years and can't handle the cold and gray and flee...


But I know what it is really like and how rare these days are so there is no chance it can work it's magic on me.

This evening, we are meeting up with Mardelle at Galatea for one of their famous martinis but it will be an early night as she is going to kick up her heels at a dance class tonight and Susan has a big day of work tomorrow.