Planning is a great way to keep the dream alive and moving forward.

Years ago, I painted a picture of the house I want to live it. It has been stashed away in a box and I had forgotten all about it. Then the other day, I was browsing rentals in Bocas Town, actually the local newspaper, and my jaw dropped. My house was staring back at me. Other than the cupola on top, my painting is the same style, with the railing etc, but has a thatch, or palm frond roof!


So visualization works!

Deciding what to do about my camera is a major issue for me. I love the 30D I have. The lens is amazing and I have had really good results with it. But it is SO heavy! When we went to New Zealand, I got tennis elbow from all the hefting around! So I end up not using it as much as I think I should. It's also very "in your face," being as big as it is. So I am thinking of downsizing. But I need all the features.

With technology advancing as fast as it is, and accelerating, I think what I am going to do is go with the Leica V-LUX 30 which comes out this month. At least that is what I am thinking at the moment. It is an amazing little camera, with a great lens and optical zoom from 24mm to 384mm. It does HD video as well, which is something I want to get into so I can do podcasts. And it only weighs 7.7 oz (219g) including batteries. I may still keep my Canon. It would be difficult to let that go.

I am finally over those hellish weeks at the nut house, and things have settled down to where it looks like 2-3 days a week again. So I can get back into the editing which I tried to do this weekend, but their site was down. Very annoying as I had budgeted the time. Oh well, perhaps I was supposed to take the time off and relax, after all, it was a long weekend.