Every day I move a little closer to getting the hell out of here. I made contact with a person down in Bocas del Toro who has lived there for four years and she gave me some info about rentals etc and it looks like I will be able to find something that will work well for me.

And then I started thinking that I really need to learn some Spanish before I go and then go to an immersion school for 3-4 weeks once I get there. And I found there are several in Bocas Town. So it will be easy for me; arrive there and stay either with a host family or at the school for the first month. Get my bearings and find a place to rent. But initially be around people who know what is going on.

So am getting my ducks in a row, knowing how much it's going to cost me to get there, stay there, etc. I won't need a car there, at least to start so will sell my Explorer before I leave. Maybe get a moped down there! Or a boat to get between the islands. And a bike.

And I am going to sell my kayak and get one down there. What a great place to go kayaking - great mangroves and beaches to go to.

Can't wait!