Perhaps Spring is Here

Freaky Spring Weather


purple spring  iris

In the last few days,we've had hail, thunderstorms, tornado watches, severe weather warnings, temperatures down to freezing then shooting up to the 80s!

Schizophrenic weather in Colorado for sure.

Yellow Iris in spring

And now... looks like spring. First the daffodils came but got nailed by the snow before I could take a picture! Then the tulips popped up and are rather beaten up from the hail. The lilac is out lining the roads with hues from pure white to deep purple. Just gorgeous. And now the iris are out in full bloom.

purple lilac in spring

It's a very short growing season here in Eaton, CO despite the fact that it is Colorado's bread basket. So everything is trying to get its growing in before the time runs out. The vast plowed and furrowed fields have plants popping up and I have to go to investigate what it is, along those endless rows!