Past Life Regression

Well, that was interesting!

A while ago, Susan had told me about a lady who does past life regressions, and as we had read the book, "Many Lives, Many Masters," we thought it would be fun to do. But then I realized I would not be here, I would already have moved to warmer climes! We know how that worked out, so I was able to take a spot in the workshop yesterday after all. There were to be six of us, and Marny, the leader.

It was held at a private home in Kala Point, a really pretty development north of me, and south of Port Townsend, and hosted by a lady called Carol. We were instructed to wear comfortable clothes, and bring a lunch, and be there at 10.

I arrived a few minutes early, lunch - and water - in hand, to find I recognized Marny from somewhere (I think in this lifetime) just as she recognized me. The others I didn't know, except of course for Susan. Carol had laid on quite a spread of snacks, lots of herbal teas and coffee. She is obviously very into the spiritual side of life, which showed in her decor, art and books.

After introductions all around and identifying what we hoped to get out of the regression, Marny led us through a guided visualization, to a place where there was a person that we had been in a past life. I never felt totally "gone" but did end up back in medieval times as a little boy! Probably England, dark, gray and rainy, and very alone. Marny talked us through the life of the person, by age and as I grew up, it seemed I was alone, surviving amidst a band of children in the forest. I ended up as the leader, I think, with a wife from about age 13! And then I died at about 20, of unknown causes. Not traumatic injury, but on a dark couch with brass studs on it, with the blonde, curly headed girl/wife beside me. Then Marny brought us back and we wrote down what we had seen/experienced.

One of the guys didn't see anyone - he was orbiting the earth! He was a bit peculiar, anyway! But then we discussed what we had experienced, making a correlation between current life and that particular past life. Marny is a healer, intuitive and very into energy fields and chakras so as we talked one-on-one with her, she was able to see and feel things to clarify what was going on. To some extent. 

My question was whether there is something in my past lives that has made me remain so connected to Chris over all these years, why we have kept coming back to each other so many times. (Not again, though.) She had some answers but they don't really fit. I guess I need to ponder this more. Nevertheless, it was interesting and very relaxing. 

The site work is coming along and we should see something in the next day or two. I have been getting prices, photos, product descriptions etc, because as soon as they have the framework done, they will need the content. 

Janet came down on Saturday, and we had a wonderful time. We hung out, the weather was beautiful, watched a movie, "Nights in Rodanthe," drank more wine, then next morning, coffee and buns, another movie, "Enchanted April," lots of girl talk. I am really going to miss her when she leaves for Mexico for six months in a week or so. And email is going to be sketchy down there after the hurricane went through, wiping out there satellite connection. 

Autumn is definitely here - frosty mornings, heat on in the house. I am going to get some firewood for emergencies, as we have already had an eight-hour outage and I do not want to be cold! So today, I hope to get tax papers from the accountant, and do lots more for the site. When it gets light I will go for a walk - all that sitting and relaxing yesterday, left me stiff!