I had a belated 60th!

What fun we had! It was definitely old home week, with all four siblings (Biff, Zoze, Mick and me) plus Sue and Graeme who we grew up, John and Rosemary and various wives and husbands.

Mick cooked a huge pork loin roast and chicken on the Webe
r, and we all made or brought the rest, and as is so usual, there was far too much food. I made what we call a Hammerfield Special, which is a pavlova with vanilla icecream and I used granadillas (passion fruit for the uninitiated) for desert. The weather was gorgeous and we had the tables set out on the verandah. Wonderful conversation and friendship - and we celebrated my 60th which had slipped by when I was on my own in Washington and which I had tried to ignore! But it was so wonderful and I love my family! Debbie had made a cake and thank goodness there weren't that many candles on it or I might have run out of wind blowing them


There was so much ribbing and ribald joking that at times I thought I would blush - but I can give as good as I get.

So now I have these great memories to remember as I plan my departure on Tuesday.