One of those days

Yesterday was what I call "One of those days." It's where I feel like all the blood drained out of me and just can't get out of my own way. So I spent the day reading a Nora Roberts book, and periodically checking email. Basically, an NRV (no redeeming value) day.
But I did go to Port Townsend for the Kangen Water Christmas get together and that was fun. I got re-inspired about the water. I know how much it has done for me and how, when I don't drink it, or enough of it, I don't feel so hot. Maybe that has been part of my problem the last couple of weeks. Besides the stress of getting the site up and running, dealing with the glitches etc., I have been too busy to drink enough.
So from now on, I am making sure I drink my full quota every day.
Christmas is just two days away, it's amazing how fast the time is flying by. And it feels like I have simply been going a day at a time. It feels like that besides working on the site and getting it productive, I don't have any future plans. This past year has been about surviving the turmoil and upheaval, emotionally, financially and physically.
So now it is time to make new plans and plot a direction. What to do, where to go, and when.
The house will go on the market in the spring (which will be much better this coming year) and then as soon as it sells,  it is a matter of relocating somewhere, because I am NOT spending another winter in this miserable weather. I can move at a moment's notice, seeing as I super simplified everything last summer, when I was prepared to leave, but the house didn't sell. "They" say there is a reason for everything, and I can only believe that it didn't sell so I could get this biz going from this location. Moving it will be easy - load up a moving van with all the nuts etc and drive it to a new warehouse. Simple!
Susan and Dan have taken me under their wings for Christmas so that is going to be fun. They are as close to having family here as I can get. I will miss seeing the boys and spending time with them, but soon I will be able to take a trip down to see them.  And I will miss having a summer Christmas with a braai and party in the garden with my South African crew. So will draw on past memories and relive those times.
Happy holidays and a prosperous New Year to everyone.