On the river

What a treat that was!

Betsy and Maryann stayed up late last night and took care of the wine Betsy didn't want to carry home in her suitcase, and I went to bed early. So when Ray was ready to go on the boat, Maryann was not feeling up to it and so it was just us two.



The boat is an older Cobra, a go fast boat, with a very comfortable ride. Ray is quite the tour guide, and knows what seems like everybody on the river! He gave me a running commentary as we went by houses and islands. What a fantastic area this is! If it was a little warmer in the winter, it would definitely be a place to consider moving to. But the idea of having someone ice sailing in front of my house in the winter is not appealing.





The trees were just starting to turn, I could see the reds and golds starting - probably in 10 days or so, it will be brilliant. But that didn't take away from the beauty of the area. Everywhere you look, there are coves, bays and inlets. Houses line the shore, ranging from MacMansions to shacks, with everything in between. And boats! Everywhere! So unlike the Puget Sound and Hood Canal where you hardly ever see boats out sailing. Here, there were small boats, big boats, power and sail. The boats really get used, which is what is supposed to happen.

There is a ritzy, guard-gated island called Gibson Island that we drove around. Beautiful protected harbor, lots of boats on moorings. Then we headed out into the Chesapeake to see a lighthouse that one of Ray's friends bought. It is a way to preserve the old structures. Private parties or in some cases, Maritime Museums, buy the lighthouses and restore them or convert to B&B's or apartments. Then the Coast Guard maintains the navigation lights and equipments. The one this guy bought is called a Caisson. It would be a fun place to spend a weekend. Self-contained, with solar panels etc.

I was getting a bit nervous, wondering if I would make it to the airport in time. But he "floored" it and we blasted back to the house. Going through security was quick and I had plenty of time, boarded, sat back and enjoyed an uneventful flight.

Ryan was right there and it was wonderful to see him!