On second thought...

Looking at the time and cost of driving down, and then the dilemma of importing/selling the car once I am there, I think it will be better to simply fly down. Selling the Explorer here will be easier, I think, than dealing with the import taxes etc. And with fuel the way it is going...

It is close to 4,000 miles and a lot of country border crossings along the way. Probably, if I was just going for a few months and the drive was intended as part of the time away, and then intended to drive back, taking the car would make more sense. But I think I will be better served to sell and buy something down there, if I need it. In the islands, it sounds like I would be better off with a boat!

But I will definitely be checking it out more.

I am corresponding with a couple of people down there. Both have given me great information and sound like super people so am looking forward to meeting them.  Adrienne has a print and online directory business and lives just outside of Bocas Town. She is also a writer/photographer. Her friend Bill emailed me with Spanish school info that was really helpful. So once I get down there, I won't feel so on my own.

One thing I really have to find out more about is 3G coverage. If I can, I will go with a 3G iPad with a keyboard. And I think...not sure on this one yet...I will sell my big camera and get a smaller one that is also a video camera because I want to start doing podcasts.

So decisions, decisions. All fun. All interesting and I love never knowing what might pop up around the corner.