On Being Grateful

I definitely have a lot to be grateful for this thanksgiving - and always.

Just the fact that I am alive and kicking is good. And that I am well on the way to being healthy again is even better.

There are the mundane things - like having heat in the house when it's 35F outside and raining. My feet are warm and the roof doesn't leak. That the freezer is stocked and we don't have to worry about where our next meal is coming from, or that the next meal may only be a bowl of mealie meal porridge. Ours can be whatever we want it to be.

It's being grateful for my family that is spread out all over the world. Chris here with me, my boys in California (actually in Mexico for the holiday) Biff, Zoze and Mick and their families in South Africa and England, France, New Zealand and Australia. Great opportunities to travel to see them!

My friends! How important they are! How grateful I am to them for rallying round me when I was so bad off. The meals Susan and Janet prepared. Their concerned faces showing up at the emercency room, and the hugs and support and phone calls and good vibes they continue to send me. Betsy on IM every day, checking in on me. And all the other friends who sent emails and phoned wishing me well.

I'm grateful for Hinckley and Harley, my kitties who have been a source of peace for me. Their antics make me laugh and their calming purring and cuddling on my lap helped me immensely.

And this morning I am grateful for the gorgeous pink sky that is indicating that it might be a sunny day!

So today I offer up thanks to the Universe for the wonderful world we live in and the infinite opportunities we have.

And so it is.

And for a laugh...