Old friends

Old friends are so important. And yesterday I touched bases with two of them.

Peter was my very first serious relationship when I was 16 - he was 26. Mother did NOT approve. But we have kept in touch over the past 44 years. Yesterday he phoned and I expect he will show up here at Mick's or at Biff's next week. He still lives in the house he built 40 years ago on the land he bought when we were dating. I remember chopping down the first tree to clear it.

Then Rosemary, who I went to High School with. We met at a little restaurant in Kloof and had a good natter, Catherine, her daughter and my god daughter came too, as did Zoze and another friend of Rosemary. (Not sure why she was there!) I haven't seen Catherine for ages so it was a real treat.

Then Zoze and I went shopping for stuff for her new place. Went to Pinetown, which, in the area we were, hasn't changed much, but Zoze the other side of town has really become run down and ghetto-ish. So we didn't go there! Bryan had spent the day with a friend building a cupboard for the flat and we went to pick him up. Ken has a really cool wood shop - he is 80+ - and has everything there any wood worker would love, from old planes to table saws and band saws. A lot of the wood that Bryan used is recycled from Volvo car packing crates - looked like 3/4 inch plywood. The shop is under the house - sort of an open daylight basement.

My job with Scott is basically gone - he no longer has a partner so I have no idea what he will do - or what I will do. But while I am here, I will work on the new site which I hope to put up pretty soon.

Last night, it rained like I don't think I have ever seen it rain. It was like being under a fire hose - but it lasted only about 10 minutes and today is sparkling but with a nip in the air. Winter is coming, but with it, beautiful clear, sunny days.