These are crazy times!

Just when I think I am almost "there," I realize I am not even close! Well, that's not exactly true, but it seems the more I get done the more there is to do.

The pix is of the garage with the majority of the stuff delivered - packing materials, ribbons, nuts, fruit!

But I am not complaining! Overall this is fun, but it can be frustrating and tiring and tough without a second pair of hands or another brain to tap into.

But the site is coming along - we are SO close; minor programming glitches, tweaks to the design. The backend, or CMS (content management system) is enormous and pre-populated with emails that all need reworking as I think/know that they could not possibly have been written by someone who speaks English as a first language, if you know what I mean. Same thing on the site - every word has to be checked. But really, these guys are amazing - what they have done just blows me away! Yes, it's taken longer than anticipated but it is being done right, and not just being thrown together. So next week, I know we will be live and then I better have the garage/workroom sorted out, because I know I am going to be slammed with orders.

Yesterday I suffered my first major glitch - I ordered 5-gallon buckets to store stuff in but the lids are wrong - they have to be pried off and fortunately, I only put one on to try out. But prying it off, I  seriously damaged my finger when the screwdriver I was using slipped and slammed my nail so hard I almost passed out! Got ice on it right away, sat on the floor in the kitchen and finally managed to get to the chair and lie down until I could stand without being lightheaded. Nasty! Two aleve didn't do much either to relieve the pain. But this morning, it just aches, is a lovely black and I know I will lose the nail eventually :( So will order different lids tomorrow - ones that come off easily! 

The little tabletop photo setup will work well - I tried it out yesterday, before I slammed myself! But first I have to make some of the mixes to photograph! And then create the gift baskets and take pix of those as well. And there is still some content to be created but can't find where I change it in the cms so will have to wait for my Indian fellows to come back to work tonight (they are 13.5 hours ahead of me) to tell me where to find it! 

On another round of antibiotics - the first days, I had a bit of reaction - itchy, blotchy face but then it went away and I haven't had any other side effects. Today is the last day of this round. I have to call Dr. Jadin in South Africa this month and check in. It's been six months now - it feels like yesterday when I found out what ails me. I am fortunate that most of the time I am just fine and have very few of "those" days and when I do, I just kick back and veg at home. But I expect I will be doing the regimen for the next year, at least. And I will go to South Africa for the next round of test and MRI's - medical tourism as I sure as hell can't afford it here. The MRI alone here is more than the cost of the plane fare, time over there and all the tests and doctor visits there. So when I find out from the doc when I need to be tested again, I will be figuring out a way to get home.