Now what?

So now the doctors don't know what I have - they want more and more tests. I suppose I should be grateful that there are tests that supposedly can find the root of whatever is causing all these problems.

It was really scary yesterday when I went to the doctor who was to give me the results of the blood tests I had done the day before. After almost a week of mega doses of anti inflammatories, I expected to get the good news but oh no! The inflammatory count had increased and so with the added horrendous headaches I have been having, red flags were flying all over the place - calls to the specialists etc to set up more test. Sitting there in the examining room, with Chris - "I think it would be better if your husband was in here when we talk about this!" - he proceeds to tell us that they really don't know what is wrong with me. It could be this, it could be that - all things with scary names like lupus and rhuematoid arthritis and others I'd never heard of! And then he wanted to biopsy the hives I had - maybe an indication of something.

So out come the surgical instruments and they nick me nicely. Next it's back to the lab for more vampire work. So I get this new girl who can't find the veins! Two strikes you are out! And she brings in the expert and bingo, she does it first shot. But not before I pass out! So end up back in the emergency room! Jeez! Susan and Janet both show up and I get lots of hugs and support and Chris drives me home for my new dose of prednisone. "You will probably be really hungry. Your moods may fluctuate." Lovely!

This morning I talked to Zoze (my sister in South Africa) and she told me about the diagnostic machine and therapy she took which diagnosed a lot of stuff that wasn't real apparent. So I have a call in to them to find out if I can cut short some of the exporatory work the "regular" doctors want to do and jump to something that will at least indicate where there is a problem. But so many of the doctors are not interested in stuff like this and would probably poo poo the idea. So it will be interesting first, to find out if the machine can do this, and if it can will the doctors take it seriously?