"notorious' bars and 'outrageous' crab shacks

Yep, well that's what is happening!

I know, I should be focusing on packing up, working etc., but why would I turn down the opportunity to go sailing on the Chesapeake, when the timing fits in perfectly with my Washington departure?

And Betsy says...is life supposed to be this much fun? should we let anyone know ... ?

I actually considered not going and thought, why on earth not?

So I fly from Seattle to Baltimore with a shuttle to Annapolis, spend the week cruising around "notorius bars and and outrageous crab shacks," then head back to Southern California to spend time with the boys (and girls) then head out to South Africa at the end of October.

This East coast trip came about just when I was trying to get mymixednuts closed down, with nuts everywhere and people coming by, saying how sad it was and making suggestions how to keep it going. This was when I had already pretty much come to terms with it going away. I did follow up on some suggestions about local angel investors, but I just don't have the energy to put into it any more. Now, if it had happened last year, I would definitely have done something with them.

So I have boxes of nuts and fruit to send to Ryan and Cody and some for Annie, at Ryan's request. All the documentation etc will go to her lawyer. I'll do that tomorrow then it is over.

So when Betsy said, why not go with her, I was feeling so burned out I almost said no. But hell, why not?

Booked my flight this morning, leaving here 28th of September and fly back to S. Cal on 8th October and will spend a couple of weeks there, seeing everyone and meeting Jane and some of the ecology crew. I think Betsy and I will meet up with a couple more of them on the East coast, so this is definitely a business trip.

Then I think my departure date for South Africa is 25th October.

I've started packing my stuff up - really, I don't have much and it is going to be stored in the cupboard in the second bedroom, out of the way, but dry as a lot of the "stuff" is pictures and slides.

My car is for sale, so have to go out and give it a good wash today - while the weather is nice! Still chilly, sunny but here it almost noon and it's not 60F