Not much of anything - just stuff

I've been slack - actually busy with real estate so haven't done much on my blog recently. I get tired sitting at the computer all day - my butt gets sore!

But I actually have been working on a lot of stuff for Ryan's new online mag - acting as editor. It is an an eyeopening experience to read what these young people are thinking and doing. I've read about suicide thoughts and promiscuous girls and self-esteem builders and everything in between! I don't remember thinking like that - way back when! But the mag will launch in a couple of weeks - or and I am searching teen and young adult writing sites for prospective writers. Takes a lot of time but since I have actually invested hard cash into the project, I think it helps that I am working with them as well.

Our weather is gorgeous - now anyone who has been reading this for any length of time knows what a change that is! It is 75 and sunny and crystal clear and gorgeous. I sat in the doorway with my shift hiked to my undies to tan my legs, it is that warm! If it stayed like this all year, I'd have no complaints but we all know it will only last until October.

I went to have blood drawn today - I've been getting headaches again and have been feeling really slow, my eyes have been sore too so made an appointment with the doc tomorrow. Hopefully it is something simple like allergies or ...? And not whatever it was in the winter!

Sailing Magazine came out yesterday and my article and pix looks really cool! So that improved my disposition somewhat. And of course Chris will be thrilled as he is in the lead pix! and the second one. I wonder if it will come out in the Leader tomorrow?

My herbs are growing like crazy and I bought more little jiffy pots to start some more - but the sunroom is like an oven now so will have to figure out another place to start them. Everything in the garden is going nuts - the grass growns inches each day and the kiwi vine is threatening to take over the pathway. The fruit trees are full of fruit so I will have to make sure I have room in the freezer.

I am looking into getting a kayak - one of those really fat ones that don't tip over. There's a place in Port Townsend that does an intro to find out if you like paddling before you buy one so I have my name down for that. If I do like it I can keep it on the dock and just paddle in the estuary and take my binos and camera and get some exercise at the same time. What a concept!