Not Much Has Changed

olympic mountains I've been here in the house now for two weeks. It feels like just yesterday when I walked in to find the disaster!

It's all cleaned up now, the yard cleaned up and - mostly - weeded. But this time of year, the weeds pop up faster than I can keep up!

My boxes are still all packed up and stored upstairs. So I don't have my "stuff" around as I don't plan on being here for long, one way or another!

I've been doing the soul-destroying job search. A couple of prospects with a phone interview tomorrow - provided he calls as promised! Sounds interesting, but until I know more about it and whether it is actually funded and a going concern, I am not getting excited! I would much rather have ecology come through, as I doubt if I will ever find a job I enjoy as much, around a subject that intrigues me, with something new and exciting happening every day.

So I remain optimistic but am taking the necessary steps to find something else, if my optimism is misplaced!

But the best news is that every time I talk to Ryan, he is doing better and better. He still can't do any exercise, has to wait another five weeks, but overall he is doing great!

Buddy eyesThe weather has not been cooperating much; a few hours here or there of sunshine. Usually late in the day when there is little warmth left in it. I have had the heater on most days. And the summer solstice is just 10 days away! We are having global cooling up here.

Still loving my little camera - the mountain pix above is zoomed out to 600 - pretty incredible. Then I can get close-up like Buddy's eyes.

But like any camera, there is still a lot to learn about it but what fun!

So overall, not much has changed. Just keeping on, moving forward, day at a time, step by step.