Normal Life

avosSo 10 days since I posted. Just sort of slipping into normal life, I guess.

I did do a nice little day trip to clear my head. Drove the Old Main Road down from Cato Ridge down to Hillcrest, through the Valley of 1000 Hills. It was a gorgeous day, and I needed to decide what to do about And knew if I remained sitting in front of the computer, I wouldn't really think about what I needed to think about. So got in my little putt putt and headed out.


The road is windy and narrow and things really haven't changed much up in the hills. Cattle wandering around the roads with and old ikhehla (old man) herding them along. A couple of the places have changed or gone out of business, but really, everything was pretty much the same. I stopped at the craft market and looked at all the stuff, all pretty much the same, but the setting is spectacular. And right next door is the Chef School, which now has a microbrewery and deli, which I will save for another trip.

Then I went on down to Hillcrest and the AIDS Centre to see Paula, who was just on her way out to lunch. I was very impressed with the improved quality of the beading the ladies are doing, some gorgeous stuff and of course, I didn't have my camera with me, so another "next time." Paula still claims I put them on the map with the first article I did on them, when the ladies were doing hand painted fabric bags.

From there I went down to Pinetown, still on the Old Main Rd, down Fields Hill and into the center of town. The area has cleaned itself up a bit in the center, but the first impression is still not good; dirty and trashy but even that was a bit better than three years ago.


My main reason for going down there was to find pectin - the lemons are dripping off the tree outside my window and I want to make sugar-free lemon marmalade. So have to have the pectin which most people haven't heard of! Even at Knowles, the BIG supermarket, they didn't know what I wanted! And that store is enormous and has just about everything you could wish for - except pectin!

Anyway, by the time I headed home, I had come to a decision about the job, so felt better about it. I will finish out this month, get the big water project published and then spend my time looking for a new job, the very last thing I want to do, but out of necessity, must do. When the funding comes through, I will then return to the job. Jane, Janis and John are really wonderful people and completely understand my situation and have said there is always a job there for me, when the funding is in place.

So spending time looking online for jobs, and am waiting for a response from an interesting one in Reno, NV. Not that I particularly want an office job, but I have to eat so will take what I can. I am also putting out the word that I do Internet Research as a freelancer. Something I can take anywhere with me.

Yesterday, I spent the day with Rosemary which is always fun. It's amazing how we don't see each other for years at a time, yet we slip back into our old friendship like the years in between never happened. Fifty years of friendship create strong bonds!

Today was Farmers Market. When I first went to the Shongweni Market years ago, it was a real farmers market, with lots of vege stalls, eggs, flowers and food. Today, although the whole market has grown beyond recognition, there were only three vege stalls, a couple of places that had eggs, one free range meat place - and what seemed like hundreds of craft or flea market-type booths. So I was a bit disappointed, but we had coffee and bacon rolls - well, Debbie and Mick and bacon and egg rolls, mine just bacon and onion but so good, and just like a remember.

Tomorrow is my birthday and when Mick asked me what I wanted to do, I said "Go to the beach for breakfast." So in the morning, we are going to Umhlanga Rocks and will walk along the boardwalk and find a cafe. Maybe the one Chris and I used to go to will still be there. And then when we get home, I hope to Face Time with all my kids and kidlettes.