Nobody said painting was glamorous!

So after what feels like weeks, the garage was ready to paint - or at least as ready as it was every going to be! I had taken EVERYTHING out, right down to the last nut and bolt, found places to store stuff and tossed or given away everything else. The walls and shelves and work benches were dusted; I removed and vacuumed up piles of sanding dust - a combination of wood and fiberglass and epoxy - nasty! 

Then when I looked at the concrete floor, I realized there was no way I could run a mop over it - it was too lumpy, decorated all over with hardened resin! So two afternoons later, spent tapping away at each blob, the floor is smooth enough that it won't rip a mop to shreds.

As I am doing this all on the cheap, all I had to buy were rollers and brushes - oh, and a coverall!

This morning, bright and early - actually brighter and earlier than anticipated (daylight savings - or is it standard time - started today) I opened the mystery paint cans to see what color was going to be "Color of the Day." The first one looked fairly mild, sort of off white - until it went on the walls and then it was my least fav of all - beige! It is dreary around here enough in the winter that I certainly don't need drab walls. Next! Good old plain white won out. 

By the time I was ready to go, Susan was on her way down to help. Only really good friends offer to help paint garages! She is a Super Good Friend! So between the two of us, taking turns rolling and brushing, we managed to capture the left over dust for posterity, along with several spiders who didn't run away fast enough. I'd say we got 90-percent of it done, and I will finish off tomorrow. The heater is going in there now, so hopefully the paint will kick as it was not too warm out there.

After our efforts, we sat out on the deck in the glorious sun, soaking it up, watching cormorants fish and kingfishers dive and chatter. Today is so still and pretty, it makes me think how lucky I really am to have a wonderful spot like this.

But as Susan paraphrased the old saying," When it is good, it is very, very good, but when it's bad, it's horrid."