No more jet lag

Today I am over the jet lag and totally on to South African time - and it feels goooood.

Spent a quiet day reading on the verandah in the sun (for a short time - if I stayed too long I would get fried not having seen the sun for months!). And working on the new site, doing the tutorials and learning a lot about how it works. (That's the jacuzzi on the right.)

This evening, Mick has gone to squash where he plays in a league and Debbie is off at her landscaping class so I am here by myself. But it is fun because Susan called on my magicjack phone and we had a long talk and now I am hoping she gets hold of Janet to have her call me as we now know it works!

How amazing is that! There Susan is on the opposite side of the world, and she just picks up the phone and it is as clear as a bell - over the internet - and the best part is - it's FREE! I should be selling the things! But I am sure glad I am not there - gale warnings and the water shuttle that is in place to take people across the Hood Canal while the bridge is down, is inoperable so I can imagine all the irate people trying to commute and not able to get where they are supposed to go. But from the emails I get from the Dept. of Transportation, the work on the bridge is progressing well, but suspect that today is one of the days the contractor takes as a gimme.

Oh damn, Sibongele didn't come today (she works for someone else on Tuesdays) so I had to make my bed and clean up after myself in the kitchen. But she comes to work tomorrow so all the other dishes piling up in the scullery will be taken care of in the morning. I could get used to this.

Tomorrow I am going to lunch with Rosemary, my old friend from high school, and her daughter Catherine who is my god daughter. Can't wait.