No more bare feet

The first storm of the season blew through yesterday, ripping the autumn-colored leaves from the trees and littering the roads. The rains came sideways, battering the house. We've had a wonderful, very dry (dryest on record) summer with heat that even I found intense. Long sunny days and evenings that lasted until 10:30. But now, we have to get used to the reality of long, gray months ahead. With the cold and damp that goes with it. The heat is on in the house and no more bare feet.

New Zealand is a good carrot for me and the time is flying by as I ready myself for the adventure. With an assignment from International Living to write a lifestyle piece, and a pitch out to Sailing, I will have a purpose for going. Not that I need one, with Zoze there already. It will be summer and I'm looking forward to being warm again. And I was just thinking, this time last year I was planning a trip to Nicaragua - but got sick and didn't go. That is NOT going to happen this year!

Ryan was here for a few days. I just love being around him, just wish Cody had been here too. Maybe next time he and Melissa can come up. We hung out for the first couple of days, he had some work that needed to be done, on Valid and StoneWALL, but he tried out my kayak and we went to dinner at his favorite restaurant, The Ajax. He insisted on wearing one of their silly hats - a rather large brimmed pink polka dotted hat trimmed with fur and I had to wear a silly pillbox with a halo bobbing around on top. Then we changed that one out to a humungeous sombrero.

The day he left, we went to the Museum of Flight in Seattle to see the Leonardo De Vinci exhibit which was really good. They only let a few people in at a time so it doesn't get too crowded. Lots of hands-on stuff so the kids there had a blast. Chris and Ryan seemed to enjoy the Flight Museum even more. It is a wonderful place with planes hanging from the ceiling, planes on the floor, engines, hang gliders, etc everywhere. Lots of fun!