New Year's Eve

It's hard to believe we are going into 2010 - although this has been a long, really tough year, sometimes it feels like it has flown by. Other times, I thought it would never end.
But now it is here and I believe that this is going to be a super good year. So I am posting my resolutions and they have to be specific, quantifiable, and measurable.
My New Year Resolutions:
  • Love more - get ready for hugs and kisses
  • Live more - make the effort to get out of the house, go to events, see more people, join some clubs or something!
  • See and connect with my family more - and that means ALL my family and people who I consider family but may not necessarily be blood related
  • Exercise more - walk 3 times a week 3.5 miles (regardless of the weather) and yoga (starts 1/14 twice a week)
  • Eat better (not more!) consistently (no junk food) I haven't been taking the time to cook properly recently, just picking at food and that is not good for my health, so I will get back onto my good diet of all natural, no junk, no processed foods. And of course drink lots of Kangen water
  • Earn more - or to put it differently - create financial wealth, or as I like to say - Absolute Financial Freedom which means getting rid of debt and creating more income. And that means new business and Kangen
  • Make more friends which goes along with getting the hell out of the house more
  • Sell the house - actively market it in the spring, it's already on craigslist
  • Move where it's warm - not sure where yet, I need more research
  • Simplify my life - properties and debt gone, no junk in the house, cupboards and closets cleaned out - basically ready to move
So there - they are out where everyone can see them and call me on them any time!
Tonight I am going to Gig Harbor for a New Year dinner with Scott and his girlfriend Linda and will stay the night down there as it is a hike from here - an hour and 15 minutes - and after midnight on New Year - no way am I driving it home. So Scott graciously included in the invitation, an overnight! Also, my contribution to the evening spelled out - nuts and Warres Otima 10 year old tawny port and Napa Cellars chardonnay. I went looking for those the other day and they had to be ordered! So will go up to Port Townsend to the Wine Seller and pick them up around noon. Lot of driving today.
The site is becoming more stable and I have been working out glitches. It seems like when one thing is fixed or a new feature is brought online, it affects something else, a cascade effect! But those are becoming fewer and farther apart now and that is encouraging. The latest one was getting the gift certificate sorted out, which I think is taken care of now. But I have had to figure work arounds etc and it is giving my brain a real workout!
The full moon woke me this morning and it has just dipped behind the trees on the bluff. I wondered why it was soooo bright when I got up. Beautiful, and it wasn't quite so cold, either. No frost this morning and the barometer is actually up - although They said it would rain today.

So Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone.