new - or added component - direction

We went to Seattle yesterday so Chris could see the doc about his shoulder - and now it is scheduled for Dec 12 - a brand new shoulder, stainless steel and plastic! He will stay in one night only. Pretty amazing!

So now the plan is to develop our NEW business! We are starting an operation that sell environmental products, specifically an air purifier and water purifying system. We saw the guy at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival and it was intriguing - it uses technology developed by NASA for scrubbing the air in the space station! Takes out odors, kills bacterial and staph, all good things especially around here where the houses are closed up for months with the crummy weather and the air gets stale and ick! So we are in the process of getting organized - and it's a biz we can take on the road with us.

Chris is working like crazy to get the boat done before he is incapacitated - and I am trying to get things set up so we can make so moolah!