New Camera

Yesterday, I got the camera I have been wanting! The Panasonic Lumix FZ150 and it is soooo cool! It's light and seems to do just about everything I want it to do, including video! Tested it this morning and I think I will get the hang of it really fast. At the beginning of the week, I shipped off my Canon 30D to B&H Photo as a trade in. As much as I loved that camera, it was just too big and heavy for me. And so "in your face" and as I am not doing any pro work any more, this little camera is going to be just fine.


Ryan is well on the mend and goes back to work next week. Although he would have liked to have gone back earlier, the sciatica he has been suffering from has actually been (I think) a blessing in disguise as he has had time to rest, see all the doctors and recuperate. The position he is going back into hopefully won't be as stressful and he isn't required to travel, something he is not supposed to do for another month or so.

Wednesday, I go to Port Townsend. Betsy will be back here on Friday. It will be interesting going up there to the cold weather again although it is almost the summer solstice but it is typically Washington weather at the moment. At least I know I won't be staying there forever! I will be a visitor who can oooh and aaah about how beautiful it is ----- and then leave!