Never Trust an Ex

Sometimes you learn the hard way what a lowlife your ex is. And yesterday was my day. Chris left the house without telling me and owing me rent for next month. I know he is alcoholic and bi-polar, but this is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. I suppose it just shows the complete lack of integrity that he has. The house is filthy, the garden a complete mess like nothing has been done and the work that he promised to do for the very reduced rent he was paying has not been done or even started.

But what makes me the angriest - and I am fuming - is that he left the kitties here in the house. What would have happened if I hadn't come down as planned? What if something had happened? They were the main reason I let him stay here in the first place, so they would be taken care of. Poor little guys are all matted, he hasn't taken care of them at all. They were cuddled up with me all night, motors running so loud they woke me up.

And all because he couldn't make a commitment to sign a rental agreement so I could hand the house over to a property manager so I wouldn't have to deal with the new girlfriend he wanted to install here.

So here I am again, in the little house on the water, with my kitties and wondering why this is all happening. Everything happens for a reason "they" say but what the hell is the reason for this? I never intended to come back to stay in the house, just to get some of my stuff that is stored here. Now it looks like I will be here for a bit to get it cleaned up and his junk trashed.

The good thing is, I know who my friends are and dear Bill has lent me a Jeep so I have wheels down here at the end of the earth. At least for a few days while I figure out what to do. The locksmith came yesterday and changed all the locks and for the first time since I lived here, I locked all the doors last night, not that I think he will come back here.

The weather is beautiful so that helps. The osprey was out fishing last night and there was a Canadian goose on the water.

Today I will go to the Farmers Market in Port Townsend with Susan, with my new camera then come back down and start cleaning and sorting. Not exactly what I had in mind for my time in Washington.