Mystery theater...and chameleons

Last night was a lot of fun. It is so different from the way things are done in the US.

The venue for the dinner was at an exclusive boys' school called Michaelhouse, about 45 minutes from Mick, in what is known as the Midlands, a farming area with a lot of craft stores and cafes dotted around for the Midlands Meander. It was held in the pavilion above the rugby fields, and there were about 75 people seated at tables of six or seven. We went with Mick and Debbie's wine club friends, some who I remember from their wedding.

The whole idea was for the audience to solve the mystery! There were two actors who played multiple parts and there was some audience participation too. So the scene is set and the "unexpected guest" tells the tale. There are lots of clues dropped and as many red herrings! They had everyone guessing. The play was definitely South African with the accents changing and innuendos that only a South African would get. Dinner - which was very good - was served between acts. At the end, each table had to come up with the "who done it" and our table was very close! But you had to have really listened hard - and not had a couple of glasses of wine - to make the right assumptions. All in all though, it was great fun.

Today I am back at Biff's, but not before seeing a beautiful chameleon. Debbie's gardener was cutting back the bougainvillea when something hissed at him and he leaped a foot in the air, thinking it was a snake (they had caught a puff adder last week) but it was this lovely chameleon who had been disturbed. I didn't know they hissed! Debbie had her garden gloves on so rescued him. He continued to hiss for a while, but once back in the bushes, away from Mbecki, he was fine.

Tomorrow I will start preparing food for the Saturday party. I can't believe this time next week I will be back in the States - and reality.