My wreath died!

I guess that isn't as bad as "my dog died," but it's rather sad to see all the needles from the hemlock falling off and the salal curling up and drying. I suppose I shouldn't have brought them into the house which we keep toasty warm against the freezing weather outside! Oh well...

Still haven't heard anything from the doctor. I called twice yesterday and the nurse was supposed to get back to me but of course she didn't. I really get pissed off at the medical profession. The doctors think they are gods, the keepers of all things medical. They forget when they have so many patients, often just numbers to them, that their patients are individuals and that their issues are of supreme importance to them. But the doctors think of them just as another person on the list and it doesn't seem to matter that the patient - me - is waiting, anxiously, raised blood pressure, crabby, irritable and cranky, fearful - waiting for a damn answer. All it takes is a minute or two of his or her time to get on the phone and say yes it is giant cell arteritis or no it is not and this is what has to happen next.

But no! The god keeps his news to himself and keeps me sleepless here in the Pacific Northwest.

Tonight is the local real estate Christmas party. I went last year and although I won a couple of raffles, it was pretty boring! All those agents, so gung ho and hyper. And all dressed up! I am so the other way about real estate right now that I don't know whether to go or not. Of course I have a good out - I'm too tired! Susan and Dan will most likely go and Chris was making noise that he might want to. He didn't go last year so it's probably good that he does. Anyway, I'll make that decision later today.

It seems like things are starting to back up that need to be taken care of. Especially with the property we are trying to buy and then working with Patti trying to get her situation squared away. Poor thing. What a nightmare that's been. But it looks like it will work out ok - we just need to sell the house quickly and get them out from under it. Should we buy it? Do I want to get into this much new property so quickly? And the big question of course is will the bank give us the dough to do both deals?

Fortunately Camas comes today to clean the house so I will get out of here so I don't have to hear her blood-curdling health and relationship stories! And when I get home, the house will be shiny clean and as pristine as it can get. It's been three weeks since she was here last and boy, the house needs her. But from now on, it's every two weeks and that I can handle.