My Wildlife Window

Yesterday morning I saw the eight otters playing like puppies across the water. This morning, the coyotes are back!

I had been wondering where they were. A few weeks ago, Janet and I saw the whole family, including Papa, down in the wetland area south of the house. But recently, I haven't seen them at all, just heard howling occasionally. So this morning I was thrilled to see two of them out on the beach. Mama was with them and I think that there must have been two boys and two girls. Apparently the boys have to be more independent and the girls stay with mama.

As they ran down the beach, several of the otters appeared, swimming out in the channel, staying well away from shore and just across from me, right by the stream, my big blue heron is fishing. So far I haven't seen him catch anything but this canal is full of incredible edibles for the wildlife.

It's funny - Hinckley, one of my kitties, growls when he sees the coyotes but Buddy, the other kitty seems to be totally oblivious! Hinckley's growling is what alerted me to them this morning.