My Private Charter

So, what's new?

I have a great trip to look forward to on Monday (weather permitting). I am going to fly in a float plane with Kenmore Air on a Department of Ecology mission to go out - probably to the coast - and do water monitoring! The last float plane I was in was an old Grumman Goose (I think) going back and forth between St. Thomas and St. John in the Virgin Islands, whenever my visa was going to expire back in the late 60s. So the idea of going up in the small plane is pretty exciting. I don't know yet which type of plane it will be as Kenmore has 25 so it could be a  Beaver, Otter or Caravan.

And what is even more fun is that instead of driving over to Seattle at crack of dawn, they are coming to pick me up at the marina in Port Ludlow! My own private charter!

From there, of course depending on weather, we will fly out to the coast and I am hoping we go up and over the Olympic Mountains but suspect we will go south out to Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay. We fly and land, fly and land to pull monitoring and testing equipment. It will most likely be an all day event and I was told to dress warmly (no kidding!) and take a lunch.

One article I will do (and the reason I get to do this) is for Harbors Magazine and the other, which will be a lot more in-depth, is for I hope to get some really cool shots and video as well.

Daffodils are adding a bright spot in an otherwise dreary late winter

On another note, my eye is healing nicely, thank goodness. You can barely see anything there except it still, at least to me, looks a little bruised, but it no longer itches or hurts! What a relief that is. I don't want to ever have to go through something like that again!

Although the world is turning towards spring, it is still winter here. But...the days are longer and we begin daylight savings on Sunday. Leaves are popping out on the fruit trees; there are daffodils across the street and hyacinths are pushing their little pointy heads through the soil. So it is getting better.

The weekend is just around the corner and it's Gallery Walk in Poulsbo and it is supposed to be relatively dry! I haven't been to this one before, just the one in Port Townsend and I think there are a lot more galleries in Poulsbo so it should be fun.