Moving Along

gardenia I've caught up time-wise and am thoroughly enjoying the weather,  though there are mutterings around that it is too hot! Much rather too hot than too cold! It is such a pleasure to wake up and wander outside, barefoot, with a cup of tea in hand, hear the birds and feel the dew-wet grass underfoot. And smell the gardenias, a memory smell for me.

My kinda life!

Things are moving and improving a little. A possibility of a car in the VERY near future so I can be mobile. It's an older! VW Fox very much like the one we had before when Chris and I were here. So I am holding thumbs that it transpires. Not that I mind being at the house; in fact, it is probably the best thing for me, as it has allowed me to really rest, something that I desperately needed after the last few years of stress.

I contacted Country Life, and will do a short piece for them on Stockland Farms in this section. Although I had a good track record with them - 10 years ago - there is a new editor so have to prove myself again. Stockland is a B&B run by my ex-sister-in-law Evelyn and she has invited me to stay for a few days, which will be lovely. That's in a couple of weeks.

Next week, I am going with Debbie, my environmentalist/ecologist sister-in-law on one of her field trips. We will be surveying the grasslands and also looking for a vulnerable plant, Dioscorea brownii. (At a Buddhist Retreat, with a ovo-lacto vegetarian lunch!) The survey is led by a member of the Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildplants (CREW) Programme and is part of South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI). This will also be fun and chance to get out and see the country again, and connect with some of the environmentalists and ecologists. When is more stable, having these sources will be invaluable.

Lea clanstahl house

On that front, there is also positive movement, and we are all hoping things turn around VERY soon. That would make my life sooooo much easier.

Our beach trip, that was canceled last weekend, is, as far as I know, on for this weekend and I really looking forward to it. Just love Clanstahl and there is a conservancy there that I didn't know about, which means there will be a story just waiting to be told!