More Waiting

Yesterday was an anxiously awaited day - another visit to Virginia Mason Hospital for a biopsy. For some reason, I hadn't really thought about how they would do this. So in I go, always with some trepidation and the resident doc sits me down and tells me what they are going to do! Yikes! It's all out-patient and actually was almost painless. The worst part was the local anaesthetic injections!

First, they shaved off a narrow strip of hair above my ear and then made about a1-1/2" vertical incision. Then they clipped out a piece of the artery, tied off both ends and sewed me up! You can't see anything at all as my hair covers it.

So now I wait again for the results which he says should be ready by Tuesday afternoon. If it is negative, then they look at what else is going on and try to figure out what is causing this stuff. If it is positive, showing the giant cells, then I think I stay on a hopefully lower dose of prednisone for 6-12 months and then it should be gone for good.

I'm concerned because I am still so fatigued a lot of the time. Just completely run out of gas. "The fatigue is not the same tiredness you experience after a sleepless night or hard physical work. Instead, it's an ongoing, extreme exhaustion that's usually not relieved by rest." That's the way it's described some places. I certainly hope I get over this soon. I hate being so slow.

I am planning to get back to work a little at a time. But plan to work a lot more from home once we have more people at the office. I plan on being a part-timer. And will just have to learn to say no to clients who want impossible things at impossible times. My cell phone will go off in the evenings - if anyone wants me they can leave a message. Nothing is that important that it can't wait until morning. So today I will try to find the piece of property someone emailed me about. I had sent him a letter last year to find out if he wanted to list his land, apparently I talked to him but don't remember that! And now he wants to sell. So I will take a little field trip later.

And also start on the cookie manufacturing for the Great Cookie Exchange in 10 days!