More beach, monkeys and pineapples

Yesterday was a quiet day. We went a little bit south to find a good place to swim and end up an Umbogentweni, a dot on the map about 5 miles south of Umzumbe. There is a protected swimming area and we were happy to have a dip. The water is abou 75F, a bit chilly as you get in, but then just wonderful. After our swim, fish and chips at the local pub, then home, a snooze and another walk on the beach.

More pix

But lets not forget the monkeys that come to visit. We had to make sure that all the windows were closed when we went out or the little buggers would be in, and the bananas gone. They are so cute, though and it was a huge troop with lots of babies and daddy with enormous blue balls :)

Today we packed up, after a long walk and wonderful swim right in front of the house. The sea had calmed down and there was
a gentle offshore breeze, bringing lots of surfers to the area.Well, lots is relative. There were probably 10 at the most! But it was interesting, as a lot of them were little black kids, something I had never seen before, and they were having a wonderful time. Zoze and I went in and although there were no waves for body surfing, had a great time. Lots more people on the beach as it is Saturday and people are down to the hotel and cottages for the weekend.

We loaded up the car and headed out - stopped for pineapples alongside the road - and came back to Biff's to find that a major rugby game was on and that everything else stopped! We (or the favored team) won! Zoze and Bryan and I picked guavas - a bumper crop this year ( Zoze will cook and give us some) then they headed home.

Of course, Biff has nothing for dinner so went to the store, bought stuff for dinner and here I am, chicken in the oven, veges ready to go in and a salad to be made. Although food prices have gone up considerably, it is still a LOT cheaper than the states. I could live VERY comfortably on $1500 a month.

Tomorrow is Comrades - a double marathon from Pietermaritzburg to Durban - all the roads will be closed down and I will most likely go and watch these crazy people battling their way to the coast.