Mickey is Back!

Hinckley helping me work on a pix of Mickey

Not a happy cat - in fact a rather annoyed cat!
I don't blame him!

Poor thing - tricked with tuna, slammed in a cage overnight then taken by someone he doesn't know, stuck with a needle and woke up snipped, a partial male! Then another car ride back home. Nancy brought him back yesterday evening and he was out of his cage so fast and boy, did he smell bad! He'd obviously peed on himself in all the trauma. But after he realized where he was - back here - he was ok, came over and let me pet him then went off howling, like he does, looking for the other kitties! He ate some of his food but this morning, I haven't heard or seen him. Nancy said he might be scarce for a couple of days while he recovers and stops being mad!

If he doesn't settle down, Janet said she might take him as she is thinking about getting a cat and he would be perfect out on her 10 acres. So we'll see how he does.

The group, Olympic Mountain Pet Pals, is all volunteer and operates on donations so I will send them a check.