Media Hype

I became rather concerned with all the news about swine flu that the media is picking up on. I've been so busy I have hardly looked at the news but it filtered into the conversation last night when "the girls" gave me a little send off at Janet's.

The air on planes is bad enough, recycled as it is, so I was pleasantly surprise when I ran into the this article that really debunks the hype. I thought you all might be interested in reading it.

I will certainly take precautions, anti-bacterial wipes for the plane etc, neosporin in the nostrils, all that, but I feel relieved now and continue my packing.

I looked at the 10-day forecast for Durban/Pietermaritzburg and it is around 75F! Whoo hoo, bare feet time. So now I can fine tune what clothes I am taking.