Martha I am not!

Orris root iris
The most important thing that happened this week is that I am going to be a granny again! Cody and Mel's second will be here around Ryan's birthday in November. We don't know whether Oliver will have a brother or sister yet but it's very exciting :)
Well, this pr and marketing push that wicked-pr is doing is very exciting and interesting! 
The funniest, to me anyway, but so far the most exciting, is interest by Martha Stewart Living Magazine! I mean really! If Martha could see where the wonderful mixes are coming from, she'd want to redecorate! And I am so not a fan of hers! But if we get a mention there, it's worth a huge amount. The only thing better I think would be to get on Oprah!
What's even more interesting is that they are pitching my story to other magazines and tv and radio stations! You know, the old gray mare may not be what she used to be, but she's still got a lot of get up and go sort of thing. What a laugh! So who knows where this will lead. They are calling it a second career! I look at it as a clutching at straws endeavor in the beginning, but now I feel so much more confident about what I can do. It's like I have, in the last seven months, been in a crash course in start up business, yet sometimes I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. 
But I think if more women and men who are retiring know what we really are capable of, when are feet are to the flames, maybe you'd see more of us gray hairs out doing something that is so far from our comfort zone that we might as well be on the moon. And loving it!
It's long days of everything from vetting the web site and hounding the developers to mixing and packing nuts to bookkeeping - and whatever else pops up. But the days are never boring, that's for sure.
But I am keeping perspective and not letting the work suck me in to where that is all I do. Yoga is becoming more and more important to me. It's quite amazing, really. It's about the only activity I know of where my mind doesn't wander from the physical; it is a totally whole body/mind experience. And even though I am just a beginner, I know it is making a huge difference in the way I feel. Now I just have to be more disciplined to practice at home. 
I am so enjoying my orris irises. They are corms I got from a house Susan had listed about three years ago and I planted them out in the bed against the bulkhead. This is the first year they have bloomed and I had no idea what color they would be - and they are gray! Apparently, the root is used in perfume and gin! But you have to have acres and acres and dry the roots for five years before they are ground and then distilled. My tulips are finally over, sad but they lasted almost a month and were a very welcome splash of color and spring rolls in. Next are the other irises, then lilies. We are going to put pots on top of the pilings with hanging plants which should look really pretty - probably petunias, geraniums and lobelia. Possibly nasturtiums too. The poppies are all about to pop too, which really is a surprise as it is about a month earlier than last year. But I love it, they take over the side of the sunroom so I don't have to weed.
It's hard to believe it is almost May and that in seven weeks, it will be the longest day of the year! Even now, the evenings are stretching out, but it really isn't warm enough yet to fire up the weber, but soooooon.... And the early sunrise is messing up the kitty schedule! Buddy thinks that because it is getting light - now at around 4:30 am it's time to go outside! I might have to get him a sleep mask!
Saturday is a Kangen Water Super Saturday in Seattle - well worth the trek over there. Lots of information from doctors and naturopaths, and lots other testimonials about the magic the water is bringing to so many people's lives, both health-wise and financially. So am looking forward to that, and looking forward to being more knowledgeable about it too so I can spread the word.