Making progress

My CD's arrived yesterday, so I can load them on my iPod and start my Spanish learning process. The instructions tell me to work on it 30 minutes a day, so I should be able to squeeze that into my busy schedule! It doesn't look like I will be driving down to Panama, at least not with Betsy. She has too many other things going on to take that much time to do it. But Susan said she wants to drive so I am going to start the process of getting the paperwork in order to do that. I don't know how much time to allow us yet. Her plans are starting to solidify too, but getting things into sync with mine is going to take some doing. But all fun.

Went out with "the girls" last night to Mezzaluna, the bar at the Silverwater. Just Susan, Mardelle and Teresa. Missed Janet but not the guys. Maybe we will do this instead of potlucks.

The conversations are always wild! It's like we have been penned up in solitary, and everything burbles to the top and spills out! It's a good thing we were in an alcove so no one could really hear what we were talking about. We laughed and laughed, a couple of drinks, some food then the long drive home.

And wouldn't you know, I look in my rear view mirror and see the blue and red flashing lights and I think, "Oh S***! did I run a light or something (there is only one I could have run and I was pretty sure I hadn't) so I pull over. Sheesh, a couple of drinks for the first time in eons and I get pulled over? So I reach over to get my insurance etc, and there is a tap on the passenger side window. A very young cop - actually I think they all very young now - says, "I pulled you over because your one headlight is out!" I was just hoping he couldn't smell wine on me, but the food I had was full of garlic so think that masked it! He said he saw me using my brights and realized I hadn't noticed that the right headlight was out, so he was very pleasant and I was grateful he told me. I just happen to have the spare bulb in the glove box because the left one was out a couple of months ago.

But I thought, "Whew! good thing I didn't have more to drink, certainly don't need a DUI!"