Major Shift in Plans

Tonight I leave South Africa to go back to California, a major change in plans and not under the best circumstances. Ryan just had major emergency surgery and had a large tumor removed from the lower intestine. He lost a lot of blood but is in stable condition at Hoag, the best hospital around and incidentally, where he was born.

It has been just too stressful to be this far away from my family, but thank goodness for technology as I was on Skype and imessage a whole lot yesterday and was able to stay in contact. But it is not the same thing at all as being there.

So I made the decision to go back as soon as I could and got a flight on Emirates that leaves this evening and gets in on Friday U.S. time. So I will pack up and be gone. Very sad to leave here like this but sometimes things happen and it seems the Universe is pushing me that way, so I am not going to fight it.

Once I get there, I will stay either at Ryan's or with Cody and Mel. Right now I am just concentrating on getting there and seeing everyone, especially Ryan. Les has a week off work so will be there, but when Ryan comes home, I will be around to help him out. The doctors say he will be able to go back to work in a couple of weeks. He just started a new job, but they have someone filling in for him so he hasn't lost the job, which I am sure has set his mind at ease.

So off I go to pack and go into zone neutral for 30+ hours until I land.