Major Milestone

Well, after what seems to be forever, the site will go beta over the weekend!

I actually hope it will be a slow ramp up, or I am going to be swamped. Over the past week, I have been getting all the inventory and supplies here at the house and in the garage. The initial main load of nuts came last Monday, and that was an experience in itself! For those of you who haven't been here, the road in and out of here is narrow, windy and down hill with nowhere to turn around. So the driver of the delivery rig - 57 feet of it (17+/- m) backed down and I didn't think he was such a good driver but I sure as hell wouldn't have wanted to attempt it! But he made it, after almost getting stuck in the slippery maple leaves on the really sharp bend. This morning, I will meet him in the parking lot down the road and transfer the balance of the order into my car! People will think I have a drug deal going! High on nuts! and not even betel nuts.

Getting the site to this spot has been a mission. I wondered why things were so slow this last couple of weeks and then found out that the project manager, Manish had gone on holiday! But he is back now and things are under control again. It is far more complicated than I ever thought it would be but boy, I tell you, the next one I do will be a snap! And I think there will be another.

So the garage has boxes and boxes of stuff as I wait for the containers to arrive so I can decant and store all the goods. But ordering all the goodies was the easy part. It's all the peripheral stuff that I really didn't think of until I sat down and thought about, for instance the gift baskets. Deciding what goes in them is easy - but then they have to be packed and shipped. So there is the first bag, weighed and measured, labeled, then packed in the container, decorative stuffing around it, shrink wrapped, (don't forget to order the dispenser for the shrink wrap and the heat gun) then add ribbons, pack in shipping box with stuffing (cornstarch biodegradable peanuts) taped closed with industrial taper and tap, then weighed again, postage labels calculated and applied, notify postal service through the online account that there is a pickup, record the pickup so it can be tracked and off it goes. Whew. And that was just one, a simple one. There is a sampler with two ounce cellophane packets of a variety that each are twist tied (oh yes, had to track those down too, it's amazing what you can find on the internet) arranged etc. The actual single mixes are going to be a breeze compared to the baskets!

So today, I will get the garage organized as much as I can without the containers, get rid of some of the boxes and it will look more manageable. And hopefully, I will be able to sort out a work flow and not get too buried!