Lost Soul Found - I think

A strange thing happened yesterday. But I'll start from the beginning - some people will think I'm nuts but who cares?

A long time ago - way back in 1973 when I was married to Randy, Ryan and Cody's father, - we took a trip to Europe. And I got pregnant. It was a pretty exciting thing for me, as it fit all the pre-programmed ideas I had about marriage. You get married young, have babies etc.

Well, very shortly, things changed. I came out in a rash and was immediately diagnosed with German Measles or Rubella. And that spells problems - "growth retardation; mental retardation; malformations of the heart and eyes; deafness; and liver, spleen, and bone marrow problems." Fortuantely for me, Rowe v. Wade had just been passed and I was able to have an abortion, though I still had to write a letter saying why I needed one! And it was a full overnight at the hospital.

Four years later Ryan came along and then Cody.

But back to yesterday. We are closing on an investment house in Port Angeles which is rented out to three young men. So we drove over to meet them as the deal closes on Thursday. We were met by the Joel, who I have talked to and then this other young man walked out of the kitchen. Andrew is the spitting image of Cody. He walks and talks like him, does the same sort of things - skateboarding, surfing - all those active sports. He is 33.

I believe that the little soul who was to be my child back in '73 found another body to live in and is alive and well in Andrew. I felt an instant affinity with him and couldn't take my eyes off him. He comes across as a sweetheart, just like Cody and I can't wait for the two to meet.

So you can believe these sort of things or not - but there are no coincidences and how can boys from such a different backgrounds be so similar, both in looks and personalities?