Long Weekend

This is how I was carried around as a baby! When I went to stay with Sue Green for a couple of days, I had the opportunity to see some of her artwork. She is amazing! She switches from watercolor to acrylic to oil without batting an eyelid!

Her paintings decorate all the walls in her house, and I was simply blown away! As I went upstairs to my room, I looked at a grouping of pictures on the landing, and the one here really took my fancy.

She gave it to me!

When we were kids, our nannies carried us around like that on their backs, and the African women still do! Although, in town, I have seen young mothers with strollers so I guess more traditions are falling by the wayside. Sad.

Sue is "old-school" and doesn't have the internet. I am so used to simply log in that it was an interesting few days as I went to a coffee shop and got emails, then the next three days were internet-free!

We reminisced a lot...and I was able to add more time frames into my memories. I seem to have been doing a lot of memory mining the last few weeks.

After a couple of days with Sue, I went down to Durban and John and I drove down to Clansthal, my most favorite beach in the world. Rosemary would come down on Saturday afternoon after her bridge game! I drove and John navigated to get me out of town as I have forgotten a lot of the streets.

cottage-clanWe had heard that Typhoon Irina was going to make landfall north of Durban on Sunday, so we were hoping to get some beach time in before that.

We missed most of the Friday afternoon and early weekend traffic, except for one area where the road was being resurfaced and we got stuck behind a stream of taxis, which typically, were absolutely jammed with bodies. Both John and I cursed as the ignorant passengers tossed their rubbish and plastic bottles out of the windows. I wanted to get out and go give them the stuff back but of course, couldn't as we were moving! But honestly....

The cottage was exactly as it always has been, old and funky but as wonderful as every! Amos, the caretaker was there to help. And what a help he is! He cooks too, puts out the coffee and tea trays, does all the dishes! What a treat to be there.

beach-clanBoth dogs came down with us - Brutus, an elderly Jack Russel and Cleo, a Rottie. They absolutely love the beach and came with us as we went for a long walk. They swim, too and jump in the tide pools and Cleo swims out, almost surfing in on the waves. John and I got in too, but  it was quite cold and pretty rough too, with the typhoon starting to stir the sea up.

Saturday was still a gorgeous day - clear, sunny and oh yes, HOT! After a morning swim, a big breakfast and a short trip into Scottburgh to get groceries, I zoned out with a book before all John and Rosemary's kids and grandkids arrived. Kathryn, their eldest and my god daughter came, with her boyfriend Anton. And Michelle with her husband and three little blonde girls, Kelly Rose (5) and Susie and Penny, the twins who are three and half, about the same age as Oliver.

We had a big lunch on the veranda at a long table that Amos set up. John braaied (bbq'd) dorado which was delicious! So with good South African beer and wines to wash it down, what more can a girl want?

By the time the gang left, the clouds had moved in and the wind picked up. The seas had got bigger - expecting 4-5 metres (12-15 ft) waves. It was looking really stormy.

I woke up to rain, big rain! And wind, but not typhoon strength. Messy, turbulent seas. But not cold at all. So we packed up and headed back to Durban before it could get any messier. And I drove back up to Ashburton from there. There was a huge amount of water on the roads, so I just drove slowly, and fortunately, everyone else had slowed down too.

By the time I got withing 15 km of Ashburton, the rain had eased up and at the house, it was just a light but steady rain, that gently half-filled the water tank, much to Debbie and Mick's joy.