Life moves in mysterious ways

We all know the saying, "Be careful what you wish for, it might come true." Sometimes, we just get so mired in the muck and life seems so confusing and empty, but we keep wishing and hoping and visualizing the life we want to live.

I've had a dream for eons; living somewhere warm where the sea is warm too, somewhere I can afford, where I can make a reasonable living and there is good internet.

Over the years, I've researched hundreds of places, thought about, looked at pictures, talked and talked and talked about it. I was pretty sure the place would be Central/South America. I thought long and hard about going home to South Africa, but the more I hear from the family, the more I realize that it would be a dead end for me. Of course, I will always go to visit, but not to stay.

Then along came mymixednuts, and I thought, OK, I can work on this, stash a little cash, and when it has grown up, we can sell it and I can retire with some of the proceeds. Or I could set up the management part online so I could do it from anywhere.

Well, that is basically upside down. And it put me in a very interesting spot. Seeing as I turned 62, Social Security is available. Now I hadn't thought about taking it early, because I believed I would be working and making enough I wouldn't need it. Then I thought, "Hmm, why don't I take a look at how that will change things."

And lo and behold, the whole picture changed. Not my dream, which is now closer than I ever, but how I can actually do it.

As I searched through the countries I might go to, there were a few leaders; Panama, Mexico, Ecuador and Nicaragua. Panama has always been my first choice and that is still the direction I am heading. It has everything I want, the sun, the sea, the internet.

And why the internet? Because I am creating an income now, online!

A long time ago, I saw an ad for copy editors but when I saw how little they pay, I passed it by. Then recently, it popped up again, and being in a totally different place in my life, I took another look, and voila! it works! With the social security that I get starting next month, and working 20-25 hours a week, I can make a comfortable living. Not here, but somewhere south.

I expect at some stage, it might get boring, but right now, the lack of pressure and the freedom it allows, is wonderful. If that happens, then I can look for something more stimulating. When I am in my new country then I can write again, doing articles like I did for Country Life in South Africa. Don't know who I will sell them to but that really doesn't matter right now.

mymixednuts will get wrapped up, if anyone ever bothers to respond to any emails. Today, if I haven't heard anything, I will complete the list of user names and passwords, take myself off all the accounts, change the bank info, and send the key to the warehouse and list to Brian or Annie.

Looking towards the future, I want to be out of here by October/November so no more winters.

On another note, spring MAY have sprung, my tulips are sort of flowering, the trees have a lovely soft green blush, the osprey is back and so are the Canadian geese. It doesn't get quite to freezing at night and if the wind doesn't blow, it's warm in the sun. Oh, and we have a harbor seal coming visiting on a high tide, not that that has anything to do with spring.