Last Day Road Trip

I cried “Uncle” this morning. I am just too tired to do this properly so we are heading home today. I just don’t have my strength back yet, I really thought I did. Damn!

I have cancelled our overnight at the Floating Feather Inn but will do a phone interview and she is sending me the materials I need.

On the way there we saw the only still operating covered bridge in Washington - pretty cool. There were guys fly fishing in the river and one got a really good looking salmon.

But we did head out to The Inn at Lucky Mud as we were so close and I am glad we did. At first when I saw the cottage and the open shed with stuff stacked up in it, I wasn’t sure, but then when we saw the main Inn and met Jessica and Sunrise, I knew that they needed to be in the book. They are a very interesting couple – he is sight impaired so that’s why they moved out of the cottage and built the big house, so he could get around easier. It also made a job for him – and for her, after she retired as a teacher. The floors of the house are milled alder from the 40 acres they own and the whole place is very tastefully done. It was very cool when Sunrise picked up his guitar and started singing and Jessica joined in – and boy, are they good. They have a CD coming out which we will get. So we sat and had coffee and great chocolate decadence treats made by a friend of theirs. The whole Skamokawa valley is trying to re-invent itself with artisan-type businesses. The artists are coming to the area as well, so it’s a really interesting area. Slow Foods are here.

We left there and headed north, winding along the rivers and lagoons, through Grayland where there are huge cranberry bogs, back through South Bend with all the cool metal sculptures and on to Tokeland to see the old hotel. Great place, so classic and there were a whole lot of classic cars there for a rally. The restaurant was packed, and Scott the owner was busy in the kitchen. He came out to meet me with flour up to his elbows and all over his apron – he’d already made 12 dozen rolls and was making more! Really nice guy and we hope to go back to stay some time.

From there – by this time it was late afternoon already, the distances are so big – we headed to Aberdeen and then up through Bremerton and home, stopping in Silverdale for some Mexican food.

I was ready to fall into bed by the time we walked through the door, but we had to spend some time with the kitties. Harley was a little huffy, but soon got over that and Hinckley was just thrilled to see us.

Bed felt great – a real bed, my numbers bed, and I slept like a log.