La Playa

lighthouse Whenever I spend time at the beach and at the cottage, it reinforces the idea of where I want to live.

  • Where it's warm
  • Where I can swim every day
  • Where there is household help

I feel so much better both physically and mentally in that sort of environment. So something to work towards - actually this isn't anything new; I have simply refined my "wants," leading more and more towards La Playa in Mexico.

The cottage was as wonderful as ever; warm, clear, lovely. We had a fantastic thunderstorm overnight which left the air fresh and soft in the morning. And the water was so clean and clear. The first morning it was very still and the waves were perfect at Green Point so a lot of surfers were out.

Well, let me clarify that statement!

By California standards, there were hardly any guys out - maybe six or seven, but here, at this spot, that's quite a lot. They were all riding short boards when I thought they should have had longboards! But they were having fun, so that's all that counts!


Catherine (goddaughter) and I spent some time with Keith Cunningham, a member of the Clansthal Concervancy as I am going to do an article about the Conservancy and the ongoing effort to create a marine sactuary between Clan and the Aliwal Shoal. The Shoal is already a Marine Protected Area (MPA) so this was the start of the research. It's a very popular dive spot, about 5 km (3.5 m) offshore and was named after the sinking of the three-masted vessel "Aliwal", captained by James Anderson in 1849. There are two wrecks near the reef; the Norwegian bulk carrier "Produce" which sank in 1974 and the Nebo which sank in 1884.

Keith gave us a great tour and I decided to also do something for ecology about the indigenous plants. Also a lot of research required!

Conservancies in this country are the grassroots effort at conservation. With the government in such disarray, with so little understanding of what needs to be done, local people have come together and created conservancies around the country. Many are contiguous and it seems like there needs to be more communication between these all-volunteer efforts to enable them to become more effective.

Another interesting article idea! Oh dear! I think I am setting myself up to be too busy!

Mick and Debbie are gone for a couple of days and I am taking care of the "livestock." Cats, chickens and ducks! But now, I am sitting on the veranda, it's about 82F (26C) at 6pm. I have my drink (gin) and a little country music in the background and a thunderstorm lightshow happening all around, but no rain!