Kayaking Kitty

I bet your cat can't do this!
Hinckley is a very curious cat - he's not afraid of anything and so when I went down to my kayak today, he followed me onto the dock. Then he jumped in the boat!

So when I got in, I very carefully pushed off the dock, thinking that he would want to jump out and I didn't want to try and rescue a screaming, scratching kitty!

But NO! he stayed in and we did a little spin, not far from the dock. When I went back in, he jumped on the dock but then turned round and climbed back on!

So off we went again. He walks around like the boat is standing still! So I decide, ok we're going kayaking and headed down the channel. He was so enthralled with everything, going from the bow to the stern, completely sure-footed.

Back to the dock and put him ashore again and pushed off. He yelled and howled until I went back for him! So off we went again! I am so glad I took my cell phone and got some pix of him.

Nobody is going to believe this.

p.s. These are camera phone pix - I always take my phone for emergencies!