Just Call Me Silver Fox

Looks like by the weekend I will be mobile! Mick found an older (!) VW Fox for a very reasonable price. When he brought it home at lunchtime, I was impressed! Clean interior and body, no rust!


He went to start it and nothing happened! Damn! The security alarm thing sounded like it was kicking the starter motor over, but nothing... to me it sounded like the alarm device was faulty, but what do I know! Finally, after it had cooled off a bit, it started. So before I actually buy it, we are taking it to a starter motor place to check it out, but Mick thinks it will be fine, and I trust his judgement.

Just call me the Silver Fox in my new rig.

It will be a huge plus having wheels! Not that I have any major trips planned, but at least I won't feel stuck, and Mick and Debbie won't have to be concerned about me being stuck at home all the time (which so far, really hasn't bothered me!).

Another week of poor John not feeling good, so not going to the cottage, but at least with a  car, I will zip down to Durban to see Rosemary.

Susan asked for a picture of Sibonghele, who comes to take care of the house and garden four days a week! Oh, what a pleasure. From now on, I refuse to live anywhere I can't have help!