I've Been Busy!

It's a good thing!

And now I get to take a few days and head to California for Cody's graduation on Saturday! I am SO proud of him. It's been a long, hard 10 week slog, up and at the academy by 5 am each day, not home until 7. But he just has three days left and then I think he will sleep for a month!

I'm flying down tomorrow and will spend the evening with Ryan, maybe go out to Topanga Canyon during the day to see if it still feels as good as it did last time, and possibly meet up with a friend of a friend who lives there.

Friday I will head up early to Apple Valley, stop at Trader Joe's on the way for stuff for the Grad party on Saturday.

It makes such a difference to me to be able to go back and forth to see the young ones. It was so isolating when I was unable to do that. And I have my tickets bought for Christmas next month.

Winter is here; it was below freezing this morning, but just knowing that I don't have to be here a hundred percent of the time makes a huge difference. I certainly don't like the cold and damp and gray, but I think I can survive this winter by getting away every month. And then when my loan modification is fixed in place, I can consider moving permanently with the house here rented out. I can tell people, "I have a beach cottage in Washington!"