It's Ryan's Birthday

I'm exactly double his age - or he is exactly half my age today! It seems like just yesterday he was born, this little tiny fuzzy-haired boy! And now he's 28, a handsome 6'4" and a successful TV producer living the life of his dreams in Hollywood. Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun - but I overdid it! And was exhausted when we got home. The stairs up to the bedroom looked daunting but once in my wonderful Select Comfort bed, I slept like a log. Friday I took it really easy, though we did go down the Coyle to look at a house that could be a possible listing.

Saturday I ventured out again and plucked Susan from her house and went downtown Port Townsend for a walk. It's all very festive at the moment - the shops all decked out and lots of people out shopping even though it was freezing! I splurged - something the stingy side of me rarely does! - and bought creme brulee ramekins and the little blow torch. So now I can get back into Julie and my brulee duel - although being so far apart, we will just have to perfect our dishes and then we see each other again, have a cook-off! I will have to pack and take all my goodies to South Africa with me!

Susan and I stopped in at the Elevated Ice Cream store. It's been there forever and they make handmade ice cream - and serve espressos and tea. It was much too cold for the ice cream although the kids were lined up for it! As we sat there enjoying a chai, a troupe of carolers showed up, aptly named The Wild Rose Chorale. So we thoroughly enjoyed getting in the spirit of things, even though to me it's still a bit early!

I haven't even thought of Christmas and what we will do - if anything. I am focusing on next Friday and the biopsy and hopefully, a conclusive diagnosis. In the meantime, I am changing my life in increments. First off is the diet side of things. I eat well, generally but have decided to go on the Dr Weil diet he calls the Anti-Inflammatory diet which cuts out a lot of processed foods, and includes lots of veges and fruits and wholegrains, all of which will be easy for me to incorporate. As I do the majority of the cooking, Chris will have to go along with it - and be healthier for it! I've started on the supplements from New Zealand - they came really quickly, faster than US orders! So I expect that slowly as I assimilate these changes, and start moving more, which I am doing, I will get well.

We are having real winter weather! It's supposed to snow tonight and it's not even December yet! And it has been literally freezing the past few nights. On Friday night we had a huge hail storm that made the house resound like a drum. The kitties couldn't figure it out at all! And in the morning, the skylights in the solarium were totally iced over, as they are this morning. The dock is covered with frost but it is beautifully clear and sunny, and a wonderful soft, warm light. The estuary is filled with mallard ducks and the kingfishers are out fishing. Yesterday, one of our resident herons was sitting on the piling in the front of the house but I wasn't quick enough to get a picture - he saw me coming and took off!

This week, I am slowly going to start getting back to work. But slowly. I know when I am doing too much, I get a headache. So I have to learn to stop before getting to that point, slow down, sit down and relax. And breathe...