It's really Dark - but Spring is on its Way

The mornings are sooo dark right now. It's been raining and windy it seems like, for ages! Even at 7:30 you can barely see outside. I find it very depressing. At least it hasn't been that cold, only down to the 40's.

But the upside is, I saw pussy willow buds and some cherry blossom and I bought a bunch of the first daffodils for Teresa. So there is light at the end of all this. I just have to hang on. The kitties also get frustrated as they want to go out as soon as we get up, but I won't let them out until it's light, especially as our neighbor saw a coyote on the sandspit (where we live) and each kitty would just be a snack for one of those guys.

So I'm pretty much back at work, but also pursuing the writing and photo side of things. I'm on track with Best Places and figure that if Sasquatch books doesn't want to do a full Olympic Peninsula guide book (they used to publish one up to five years ago) then I should do one, since I will be out there anyway. I am not getting much support on the home front though so will go it alone. As usual.

I've spent hours this past week dealing with the damn health insurance people. It seems like every bill I get is wrong and has to be "re-processed," and I can just imagine all the people who don't check and just pay the accounts. It would be a lot easier, but also cost them a bundle. Fortunately they have an 800-number so when I sit on it for hours it doesn't cost me anything, except my time.

We did a matinee yesterday. And by "we" I mean Susan, Janet, Teresa and I. First I did a Body Talk session with Teresa and then we all met at the Rose. It's a beautifully restored theater in Port Townsend that shows a lot of independent films but also first run movies as well. Memoirs of a Geisha is a good movie, but not as good as the book. There were wonderful visuals, the costumes are outstanding but there is so much that is left out in the movie. It was long, anyway - 144 minutes - so doing any more would have been almost impossible. I think if you hadn't read the book first, you would have missed a lot. I read it when it first came out and although I remember, basically, what it was about, I was able, during the film to fill in a lot of it as I remembered.

Life is difficult at the moment as I try to find my way - again. Always meeting resistance, a lot of it passive-agressive. Healthwise, I think I am improving although I still get headaches in any stress situation. I still get tired, but not so tired any more. Still some chest pains and sometimes have trouble getting enougn air, although my lungs don't hurt. It's very weird. But I am down to 15mg prednisone and for that I am grateful.