It's freezing!

The dock is frozen - icy white and the windows in the solarium are iced over. But the kitties insist on going out and walk very tentatively across the crispy grass! Their coats are so thick and they don't seem to mind at all. Not me! I'm not setting foot out there. It's still only 28F and slightly cloudy. The sky in the east when I let them out was almost blood red - I wonder if another storm is coming.

It isn't so dark this morning, though and I was thinking we only have a few days until the days start to get longer and we can look towards spring. Of course, we have to go through the awful January and February weather, but at least it will be light at the end of the tunnel. The yard is a mess - I didn't pull out the old plants from the summer - somehow the time got away from me and now they will be useless. Oh well...

All the things I should have done and haven't but I am not going to "should" on myself at all. Besides, the yard is going to be landscaped in the spring so why should I worry? Everything can wait - nothing is that important that I must rush out to make things nice - who gives a shit what the neighbors think? Too bad if they don't like it. Eventually, it will come right.

Boy, am I crabby today or what!