It's confirmed!

Booked my flight to South Africa today. I leave Los Angeles late on Oct 25th and arrive at the new Durban airport at 11:15 am on 27th! But only 2 stops - New York JFK and Jo'burg. Long long flight but I will put my brain in neutral and hopefully, zone out. It will be strange flying in there for the first time - the old airport has been decommissioned but that is the airport I initially flew away from in October 1967 - good grief! That's 44 years ago. And I remember that day as if it were yesterday! (Actually better than I remember yesterday.) I can take suitcases - free! - and probably don't have enough to fill them so will try to get everything into one. After all, I don't need warm clothes, and if I go down to see Biff and Jules at the Somerset West lodge, won't need any clothes! Ha ha! Betsy says when she comes over, we are going to do the nudist thing - and I say, I don't think so!

Packing up is moving forward. I realize how little I have accumulated; a good thing. Some things are being tossed, but things like the Christmas ornaments I made out of wood and handpainted when the boys were little...both Ryan and Cody want them so I will divvy them up and it will be wonderful to think of them hanging on the trees when I am not there. And I know Oliver and Everett will enjoy them too.


I'm getting excited now, not just going to SA but the trip back east. I haven't been sailing for so long that I might not know where the pointy end is - and to confuse things, there are two pointy ends as it is a catamaran. The biggest cat I sailed was a Hobie so this will be interesting. It is a Mahe 36, has 3 cabins and a lot of deck space.

We're hoping for an Indian Summer, but will enjoy whatever mother nature throws our way. Weather here in Washington is beautiful at the moment, not very warm, but sunny and warm enough. Makes it almost worth living here - almost but not quite.